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Hypothalamus Gland and Weight Loss

The hypothalamus is a gland that sits below the thalamus, just above your brain stem. Its role is to regulate a number of key processes for your metabolism and nervous system through the production of particular hormones that stimulate body processes. The hypothalamus is best known for it’s control over your body temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue and anger impulses.

The hypothalamus is sensitive to a number of different inputs, including light, scent, blood constituents like glucose and insulin, stress, and neural information from the heart, stomach and reproductive systems. The gland combines this information and passes it along to the various body systems, thus helping meet your basic needs for survival and beyond. The trouble with the hypothalamus is that for some people, it doesn’t regulate body processes appropriately.

Your Hypothalamus and Weight

As the hypothalamus helps your body decide when it’s hungry, it can play a key role in the battle against obesity. For some, this battle is harder than it is for others – and increasingly, research shows that in many cases the problem lies within the hypothalamus itself. Particularly for people who are already overweight, a sense of insatiable hunger can be the result of abnormal hypothalamus behavior.

Sometimes, the hypothalamus malfunctions because of problems within the body such as sluggish liver or colon function. In other cases, the hypothalamus doesn’t behave as it ought to because of the foods we choose to eat – there is a body of evidence supporting the notion that the heavily processed, modified foods consumed as part of the typical modern diet contribute significantly to hypothalamus problems. As these malfunctions can lead to hunger, compulsive eating and a slow metabolic rate, it’s easy to see how the hypothalamus is linked to weight issues.

Weight loss and the hypothalamus

A British doctor developed a weight loss plan in the 1950s that is based on the theory that if you can ‘reset’ the hypothalamus if it has grown sluggish or under active. So how do you reset your hypothalamus for weight loss? The answer involves following a fairly strict diet for between three and six weeks, as well as taking supplemental HCG (available by prescription).

The gist of the diet you need to follow to lose weight and reset your hypothalamus is:

  • Gorge yourself for two days – genuinely, eat as much as you like of whatever you want for the first two days.
  • For the three to five weeks that follow, eat a low calorie diet – most people will feel no hunger due to the HCG supplementation.
  • For the remaining three weeks, follow a ‘nearly normal’ diet – go back to eating breads, pastas and everything else you previously enjoyed in moderation.
  • After this point, you should have achieved a reasonable weight loss – as much as a pound for each day you’ve spent on the program. And, your hypothalamus will have reset along with your metabolism – meaning it functions more normally. With a normal hypothalamus function, you should be free to follow a normal diet for the rest of your life without the fear of regaining the weight.

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